Happiness is….a new handbag!

The one thing that I love making is handbags. Any time I am in a fabric shop as I run my hands across all the fabulous fabrics all I can think of is making them into bags. I’m obsessed!

Matching up designs and colours for main and linings; its heaven.

From deciding on the design and drafting the pattern, to cutting out and sewing on the final button; it gives me a thrill to see what the finished result is. And I love it!

This is the one (below) that I am currently using as my every day bag and boy can it hold a lot of stuff!

Each bag is lined with a complementary fabric, I have put a little pocket inside on the back of the bag and there is a separating leaf of fabric which splits the interior into two distinct halves. The button closure has been covered in the same fabric as the exterior of the bag. The bag itself sits nicely under the arm when on your shoulder so it feels nice and keeps the contents secure. The best thing about having a fabric handbag is that when they get a bit grubby – and we all know that they do, whether from being placed on the floor or spilling make-up or drinks inside – these bags can be put into the washing machine and come out sparkly clean ready to be used again, and smelling fresh again.

My metal framed purses are also a lovely harmonizing item to go with the bags.

Ooooooh, all these picture have inspired me to make more.

Talk later xx


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